What is Service Host Superfetch? FIX its High CPU

Are you one of those use windows users who are I know it from service host superfetch? Is super fast service getting a lot of CPU usage? Are you looking for solutions to such problems? Then, you are in the right place. Because today I am going to talk about how you can disable the superfetch service cost to fix high CPU usage in your system. So grab your cup of coffee and let’s jump into the solution to your problem.

Problem with Superfetch disk Usage

Although, superfetch is not there for annoying you. But, it is put into your system to help you in using your system in a better way. This service manages the content in the current ram. and managers it to provide you with the most comfortable experience with windows. But, sometimes when you use a lot of programs together. Then, it may cause some problems with high CPU usage in superfetch service.

So, there are two ways to solve this problem. And, I am going to write both of them below in the form as simple as possible. I hope this will help you with your problem.

#1 Disable Superfetch from Services

  1.  Press windows key, and search for the term ‘ services
  2.  Now press enter. And, a dialogue box will appear.
  3.  In the list look for the term ‘ superfetch‘.
  4.  Right click on it > select properties >  select stop.
    What is Service Host Superfetch? Fix its high CPU!
  5.  Under the startup type option > select disabled from the Dropdownlist.
  6.  Boom! You are done. Wasn’t that easy?

 If Due to some reason the problem still persists then, you can follow the next method which is far easier than this one.  Just simply follow the method blindly and you won’t have any issue with it.

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#2 Disable via Windows Registry

The Other control center of the Windows operating system is Windows registry. but, before you make any changes to Windows registry because it may lead to permanent damage to your operating system. so, follow the method with a clear conscious. let’s have a look at the method and steps inside it.

  1.  Press windows key and search for the term ‘Regedit‘.
  2.   A window will appear, look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Folder.

    What is Service Host Superfetch? Fix its high CPU!
    What is Service Host Superfetch? Fix its high CPU!
  4.  In the right pane, select ‘enable superfetch‘ key.
  5.  Click on the key, and change its value to ‘0’.
  6.  Select ok and close all the dialogue boxes.
  7.   Boom! You are successful.

From the Editor’s Desk – Should I Disable Superfetch Service?

So, that’s all from my side, Superfast service is basically available In your system for providing you with fast and quick responses from the installed software. It simply keeps the most used apps in ram for the future usage. But sometimes when you will launch a lot of files together it takes a lot of time to process all the data.

So, it is when the super service becomes a little mysterious. So, Disabling superfetch service Will not affect your system at all. but, after disabling it you may feel a little lag in your system. But that’s fine. If you have any doubt or any suggestion for me to add in this article. You are welcome in the comments with willow i’ll be very happy to read your commands. Thanks your time and faith.