How To Verify Facebook Page with Blue Tick Badge ? 2018

How To Verify Facebook Page 2018 – Hey Guys, Today we talk about Facebook Page and how to verify it. Everyone has their own Facebook account and you that Facebook keep on updating everyday. Facebook has recently updated the Facebook Verification and profile verification with blue tick badge. Budge is like a some kind of trust. when People see this budge on Facebook page they set a image on their mind that its real page of celebrities and companies. Now the time social media is become very important for opening any type of business. Every business man have their page on Facebook and other social media sites account without social media they can’t beat their opponents.

As Everyone know Facebook is a free site and everyone create their account easily without showing any identity proof, so peoples are creating unlimited fake accounts or pages of celebrities, singers, Actors and Most Popular peoples. so most of time we peoples are confused about which one is real or which one is Fake. Before this Facebook Verifying page updates peoples spend their time or less than 30$ in advertising fees for verifying their page But now it easily any free of cost. Basically Facebook Verify Page depends on your online and offline presence. If Someone very famous then it’ll very easy to get verify Facebook Page.

Why Facebook Verified page is important ?

As you all know Social media is very famous among on Peoples. If you open a business then you can easily promote it via creating Facebook Page. But as you know its free site for everyone and peoples are creating so many fake accounts or pages. If you search any business name or any name on Facebook and you’ll get so many pages but only one page is real, we don’t know which one is that ? so you have to be a verified page for making trust on peoples. So without verifying page your Facebook page has no value. You have to need verifying your page to making trust on peoples.

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What is Benefits of verified Page ?

When your page will verified peoples are automatically attract and like your page. People will trust on your every information which you post. Via Verified Facebook page you’ll increase your fan following and when your page will famous your business will automatically famous.

What things you should do before apply for verification?

  1. Make sure your Facebook Page name is Unique and Real.
  2. Properly explain about your Facebook Page.
  3. Fill all the options on “About section”.
  4. If you have Website then link your Facebook page.
  5. Submit your Complete Proof means you have to submit your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving license.

How to get verify Facebook Page ?

Here we give you step by step guidance to verify Facebook Page. Follow the below steps to verifying Facebook page.

Step 1. Firstly you need to log in to your Facebook account Where you create your page.

Step 2. Now click on the “Link”.

Step 3 . If this link is can’t open on your browser (Page is not available), then you can use USA proxy in your browser and try again.

How To Verify Facebook Page

  1. Now Go to the Form and Follow all the step.
  2. Select your page from the “select page” Dropdown box.
  3. Upload your Proofs By clicking “Choose Files”.
  4. If you Have your Website then Submit the link.
  5. Click send.

Once you done all the things, Now wait for a day and later you’ll get mail about verification status. If you face any type of problem you should contact on our email or you can also leave comment below in comment section you can reply you as soon as possible.