How to Remove “Emergency Call” from Lock Screen on Android ?

Remove “Emergency Call” from Lock Screen on Android We all like to keep our phone secure via keeping a pattern or password lock screen. Nowadays smartphones are coming with inbuilt finger print scanners which adds another layer of security for smartphone users like Samsung galaxy s5, one plus 5, galaxy s8.

There are many more technologies introduced recently in smartphone world like Apple’s face ID which is supposed to be more secure and unbreakable than any fingerprint based biometric security. how to disable emergency call on Samsung galaxy s5

However, in most smartphones, people can still access few basic functions without unlocking their smartphones. Some of these features are Torch, Camera, Dialing emergency number, etc. Many of these options come handy when you need them like camera and torch options. You can quickly access them when in need. You can also enable or disable most of them and can even remove emergency call from the lock screen. However, there are some security concerns associated with the emergency dial option.

Imagine a situation where your phone is locked, and someone dialed the emergency contact 911 or 100 from your phone. What will happen? The officer will report at your location as soon as possible and start questioning you about the call and the cause for it. How would you explain t them that it was a prank call or someone accidentally called 911 from your phone? how to disable emergency call on one plus 5

Well, it would be a very awkward situation. To deal with these kinds of situation, you need to remove emergency call from lock screen on your smartphone. By default, you don’t have any options in setting for the same. To remove emergency call from lock screen, you have to install a custom lock screen app. remove emergency call on Samsung galaxy s5

How To Remove Emergency Call from Lock Screen

You can easily remove emergency call from lock screen via installing a third party lock screen app. There are many lock screen apps available for Android smartphones, thanks for its endless customization options. This method is for non-rooted smartphones. For users with root access, we have provided an exposed based module at the end of this article. We have sorted out some of the best and free DIY lock screen apps by which you can remove emergency call from lock screen very easily.

1. Hi Locker

It’s a great lock screen app which offers classical old android lock screen as well as new updated lollipop and marshmallow style lock screens. It also includes an inbuilt notification system which will allow you to view and manage notifications without unlocking your phone. It also has multiple shortcuts for camera, torch and notes application.

You can also remove emergency call from lock screen as it has three different unlocking styles. It supports fingerprint unlocking too if your device supports it. You can also add several widgets including upcoming events, calendar, weather etc. for quick information access.

2. GO Locker

Its one of the most stable lock screen apps available in the play store. The best part is that you can theme your lock screen to be one of 8000 different styles. It already had more than 100 million downloads already and has a 4.4-star rating. The best part is that you have the option to lock home button so nobody can access the phone without unlocking the device first.

You can also remove emergency call from lock screen via choosing between many free themes which are available. It also has some handy options for clearing up ram. You can also setup switches and toggles for quick access. Go locker also displays notifications and messages on lock screen, and you can also interact or reply them without unlocking your device.

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3. Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

You can unlock your device with photos now. It’s a smooth way to unlock your device as you have to remember a picture password which comprises of remember certain spots on a picture. Its a great way of unlocking your smartphone. Also, you can remove emergency call from lock screen and notifications if you want to.

It offers many unlock styles including android latest material design as well. Furthermore, it syncs wallpapers daily from many beautiful sources so you can experience a beautiful wallpaper every day. It has unique unlocking styles as you can also unlock your device with pictures instead of numbers or passwords. It also supports several widgets like weather widget and calendar widget.

4. Lockscreen Tweak Box

This app is not rooted users who have Xposed installed. Xpose repository is an application for users by which you tweak system application and features. You can install Xpose if you have root access. You can download and setup Xpose from here. You will find installing documentation on their official site.

After installing the app, you have to restart your smartphone. After restarting, You have to install another Xpose module named Lockscreen TweakBox from here. This module will help you to remove emergency call from lock screen with a single click. By this method, you don’t have to install any third party lock screen too, and you will get rid of that emergency call button as well.