How to Prevent Your Home Automation System from Hacking ?

Home automation systems form part of our lifestyle today because they make our lives easier. Home automation systems enable us to control the entire home security system using an actuator store. Devices like alarm, door lock use the mobile application as a control signal. Many people have not thought of the fact that wireless devices connected using router are potential targets for hackers. Any device that uses internet connectivity to keep data is vulnerable to hacking and security breaches like other online platforms.

With the internet, everything is our lives in connected from our alarms, door locks, medical records and family schedules and plans. Hackers can become a threat to your family because they can use your information to further their agendas that are why when it comes to home automation, the security of your data cannot be overlooked. To protect your home automation system, it is important to secure your router to prevent potential hackers.

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You should change the default password to avoid the hacker entering into your security system. Use a sophisticated password, avoid obvious passwords like birthdays and home address. Ensure that the router is Wi-Fi protected access. WPA2 encryption with a secure wifi password is the best way to stay safe.

Prevent Your Home Automation System from Hacking
Prevent Your Home Automation System from Hacking

Ensure that you change the password regularly in case the hacker can guess the old password and access your security system. Choose a reliable and secure router to keep you safe from hackers a good router should have security features. You should invest in a more secure router to keep you safe, choose a router with a good security record of accomplishment and have the current firmware. Since most security functionality needs constant improvement, it is critical to update the software devices to remain secure from simple attack and improve weak areas of the product.

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Consider creating a different access point on your router to have two separate networks; the first one can help you access your mobile devices and other home devices while the second one can help you access other devices in case a hacker steal your password he cannot access the entire home automation system. It is advisable to set a separate guest network with a different password for visitors.

Always remember to hide your network IP to avoid hackers noticing it. the wireless settings can help you make your home automation network not to be visible when someone conducts an automatic search. Place your home automation system in hidden places to avoid being noticed because you cannot know the intentions of people who enter your home.

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When your home automation is secure if someone breaks into your network, they cannot automatically access your information. However, you need to be prepared for the possibility of your system being hacked. The important step is to be prepared for such eventuality by limiting your information stored on the devices.

When transferring data, ensure that they are encrypted and avoid storing transaction record on your devices. In case you suspect or experience a security breach minimize the damage by limiting data available and immediately change the password and contact all the relevant service providers to report the breached these include the credit card bureau, bank, and other credit card companies. Ensure that you file a report to have official records to assist in identifying the perpetrator. Users of home automation system should invest in more convenient but secure devices to keep away hackers.