PlayStation Classic Hacked Easily And Bugged to run games from Flash Drives

The latest entry of the PlayStation Model “Classic” has not been good for Sony on grounds of Security Issues. Apart from the lackluster list of bundled games available, the security issues have made it quite unpopular as a go-to model for gamers.

Yifan Lu and Mad Monkey are notable hackers who have cracked the background tools of PS Classic Wide Open. This has, in turn, opened up opportunities for other games not bundled with the device, to be played using PS Classic.

The PlayStation Classic has been transformed by hackers into a platform agnostic emulator. This happened after Sony hid the decryption key of the PS Classic console within the device itself. This has made the device prone to easy hacking. Github developers have made open source tools to crack the PS Classic easily by any gamer.

PlayStation Classic Hacked Easily And Bugged to run games from Flash Drives
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It must be noted that a fragment of PlayStation buyers are notable collectors of the device and are least concerned with the device security as long as it looks good in their collection museum. Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto is amongst the games that can be run in the system. Final Fantasy is now available in the Steam Community too.

Hackers are looking at a broader image of this security lapse. They wish to create a compatible system which can run every NSES, PS and Nintendo game smoothly inside one single system. It is both a humorous to guess the fact whether gamers should be happy about this lapse which has opened up doors of opportunities for gamers or are repenting upon the lack of security of their devices.

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