Top 10 Best Netflix Hacks, Tricks & Tips that you Must Know (2018)

10 Best Netflix Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2018 that you must know: Netflix has changed the way we look at TV. The online web streaming service which provides with High Definition Movies and Tv shows on almost all sorts of devices. Literary most of us watch just about anything is it Game of  thrones or any cool movie over Netflix. The good thing about it that it is still pretty much affordable and totally worth for its service.

Netflix has a pretty plain interface to it and quite simple to use for everyone, but there are still many ways to tweak or customize your Netflix. All that is possible by a few shortcuts or by some few plugins and secret ways. Be it finding good movies to watch or be it the annoying buffering problems, We have the best Netflix hacks & tricks for you to make the most out of Netflix.Best Netflix Hacks, Tricks & Tips

List of Top 10 Best Netflix Hacks, Tricks & Tips :

If you love to Spend a good amount of your free time on Netflix? then surely you can’t just avoid these hacks,  I mean you should operate the site on your fingertips and at your convenience. You may know allot about Netflix but certainly need to read the hacks & secrets we found out for you. It won’t take long, so you can keep the popcorn to be ready while you read this! and later enjoy a movie or a show 😛

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#1 Watch it with friends at the same time, without having them dirty your place :p

Watch any tv show or movie with your friend’s or with a long distance relation <3 So this website called Rabbit, Lets you group chat and watch the same series together with your friends. You can invite people to your room and enjoy stuff together streaming at the same time.

#2 Get the Latest Update on what’s  New !

Know what’s there on Netflix before others bat an eye on it. the site tells you what all came up on Netflix. be it show or movies. It is the best source to know what is now on Netflix, You can select your country and know accordingly.

#3 Gamble it Up !

Well, one can spend hours surfing and searching on Netflix and still cannot find something interesting to watch. If you are bored and want to see something just out of the blues,  based on your interest but also on your luck. Then Flix Roulette changes all this by allowing you to randomize your selection. You can filter your selection by things like actors, directors, and keywords. So just click Spin and get going, & chill 😉

#4 Pause Video Automatically When you Fall Asleep

Honestly, this does sound pretty unreal but this is legit possible. Using the seemingly magical socks such technological method which makes use of an integrated accelerometer to work out when the viewer is being suspiciously prone. It senses your movement and signals the Netflix somehow. If you have not moved an inch for a while then it will pause your stream. One can even knit your own pair thanks to Netflix’s handy guide.

#5 Tired of Spoilers ?

Flix Plus is a plugin readily available for Google Chrome and is one of the best plug-ins for Netflix: it adds links to review sites, fades out shows and movies you’ve already seen and more. But what most people want to use it for is the fact that it hides uneasy description and spoilers which might end the plot for you.

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#6 Customize your Subtitles

Sometimes for few shows the subtitles may vary, But did you know you can adjust them? from color, size, font, and more. All you need to do is go to Your Account >> Your Profile >> Subtitle Appearance.

#7 Get Rotten Tomatoes & Other Ratings:

Netflix Enhancement Suite The suit will enhance your Netflix user face with essential features such as trailers, IMDb, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes ratings and profiles, and the ability to hide/show certain rows of suggestions.

#8 Find the Best Movies / Tv Shows to watch on Netflix

You can be up to date and find the best shows and movies discussion with a big community by visiting You can find out, what’s trending, or what is on top. Be on spot with your friends and with the world.

#9 Watch Locked Content or Tv Shows of Other Countries

Netflix has its own operations in various countries. So each Netflix region has to purchase its film and television licenses separately and that each location has a different selection of programming. This means that you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to trick Netflix servers to fake your location and access the content that the country has to offer.

#10 Lastly but not the least, Keyboard Shortcuts ! It legit saves time.

Netflix allows you to control your viewing experience directly from your keyboard while watching on your computer browser. See below for a list of all Netflix-supported keyboard commands.

Space – Toggle Play/Pause
Enter – Toggle Play/Pause
PgUp – Play
PgDn – Pause
F – Full-screen
Esc – Exit full-screen
Shift+Left arrow – Rewind
Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward
Up arrow – Volume Up
Down arrow – Volume Down
M – Mute toggle

From the Editors Desk:

These are 10 top best Netflix hacks, tricks and tips that you must know, It’s all very simple to follow up. Mostly, other links and web browser plugins. We all do love Netflix but these tips & tricks can really boost up your experience. Let us know in the comments what you think about these.