8 Best Game Recording Software For Windows 10/8.1/7/XP (2017) !

Best Game Recording Software For Windows: As we all know that Games are the best entertainment source for everyone of us. We all love to play games. But now days games have reached a higher level and people used to play games online. Just download them and play some were paid and some are free of cost. When you have to play the game you always need the guidelines, tricks, and tips that tell that how to play. But nowadays tutorials are also provided and are very helpful for the gamer. Do you ever thought that how they make the tutorials of the games? Well, it is not so complicated you can also record your gameplay.

Best Game Recording Software For Windows
Best Game Recording Software For Windows

I am gonna talk about different Game Recording Software for your Windows Systems. Which would help you to record your gameplay also? There are many Recording Software over the internet. You can use any one of them but you should know about them also then it would be more beneficial. Check out Free Netflix Account 2017 for free.

B est Game Recording Software For Windows

Some of the Game Recording Software are as follows. Some were paid and some are free of cost. I’ve covered both types of programs – keeping the quality of their performance in mind. You can also select the free version alternative of a good performing program from the list.

#1. Action – Best Game Recording Software

It is a paid software with amazing features. And, Action is for Windows and Android users. It will use GPU to record the screen which will less effect your CPU. In this you can record your voice also and you can make video upto 4K Resolution. You can control your software from your android phone’s app also which is compatible with Windows 7 to 10.

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#2. Open Broadcaster

Open Brodcaster is one of the best game recorder software. It is free of cost and offers many features to the users. This Program is not complicated it is easy to use you just have to select the source and start the recording. Game Recording Software For Windows It also offers you live streaming over the Youtube, Twitch etc. You can also save video in your systems with Mp4 format. It is for Windows, Mac, Linux users.

#3. Shadow Play

It is a free recording software and for live streaming too. This software is provided by NVIDIA Ge-force. This software uses latest GPU instead of CPU performance. You need Geforce GTX 600 and above to run this software. It comes in two modes one is manual mode and other one is Shadow mode. In Shadow mode all your last 20 min. play will be recorded rest will be deleted. So you can use this mode if particular moment of your game you want to record. In this you can do live streaming and can save the file also. It can record 4K resolution and above.

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#4. D3D Grea Software

It is very light and easy to use software. In this you don’t need some special guidelines to use it you just need to select the path and start recording. In this you get a unique feature of compression as if you do not have enough space in your PC then you can use the compression mode. It also offers live streaming to its users. This Program will use your GPU not your CPU which will not effect your gaming.

#5. Bandicam Software

It is best paid software for game recording. Bandicam offers many features to the users. It is easy to use and understand. You can record at 4K resolution but cannot do live streaming. It will give you compression feature to compress the size of your video. You can also edit your video in this software. It is for Windows Users. In this you can schedule your video and it will start from there only.

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#6. Xsplit Software

It is a paid software with the feature of cloud space. It offers you live streaming. You can save your video in your systems and over the cloud too and simultaneously you can do live streaming. It is one of the best multi tasking software. It is for Windows users.

#7. Dxtory

It is also a paid software. It is different to use as its user interface is complicated. Dxtory is for Windows users. You need to understand this software carefully. You can set the video quality and sound quality too. It will also use your GPU instead of your CPU. It is also available for free but the paid version have some advanced features.

#8. Play Claw

This is a paid software but in this you cannot record a high-quality video of your gameplay. It is designed to work on the multi-core processor. In this you can control the audio recording that which sound you want to add and which you don’t want to add. It also uses GPU not CPU.

You can use any one of them for your gaming moments. They provide you live streaming, 4K resolution etc. So, In the end – I Just wanna say that, If you find this article useful or you want to make any contribution to the content. Please feel free to comment below. I’ll be happy to read them. And, I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.