Top 10 Best Android Keyboard Apps l 2017

Best Android Keyboard Apps 2017 – Hi Guys, Today we comes with very interesting Topic that is best android keyboard apps. As we Know that everyone has Android phones. We all are using Whatsapp, Facebook, and other Social media apps and also sending messages. You Know keyboard is most important part to using these apps without a keyboard you can not do anything.  But the default keyboard is not good mostly peoples want more stylish and customization keyboard with some extra features. If you do not like default Keyboard then  we are some keyboards review out there it helps you to select keyboard easily. If you want to see your text real then change your keyboard right now. Most of the time people type wrong spelling and click on the send button and wrong spellings go to your colleague, Friends, relative it’s very embarrassing for you but nowhere the best keyword app who automatically correcting your wrong words  into right words.Best Android Keyboard Apps

List of Best Android Keyboard Apps 2017 :

These are the Top best android keyboard apps of 2017 that helps you to type fast on your android smartphones when you chat with your friends, girlfriends and other. Just choose one of your desired android keyboard apps and speed up your typing speed and get a new interface of the keyboard.

Google keyboard – Best Android Keyboard Apps

Google keyboard is a most popular android keyboard app in the world. It is free for all user and easily available on Google play store. you Just slide your finger from one letter to another letter. If you want voice typing then simply touch microphone to command your text. You can also use Emoji character just hold the enter key for adding emoji characters with your text. It Gives you lots of feature like text capitalization, voice typing, text correction and gesture typing.

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Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is also a best popular keyboard app for an android device and it also available in Google Play Store for free of cost. It has 100 plus fonts with 10000 different themes which Make your phone pretty. If you slow in typing then its help you to typing fast with right words. It can Support you so many different languages. This Keyboard app has integrated Dictionaries which show you the meaning of any word in any language and you can also use emoji keyboard. This Keyboard application has 100+ fonts and 10000+ colorful themes.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard is also one of the best keyboards for android phone which easily available in Google Play Store of free of cost. If you want your keyboard is more customize then Fleksy + GIF keyboard is best for you. It provides you so many awesome themes and keyboard styles with supporting 42 languages. You also use Fleksy extensions like Android launcher, Editor, Keyboard Shortcut, GIF and Rainbow Key Pop.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is also a good Keyboard application for an android device which free and easily available in Google Play Store. It has Lots of feature like Grammar & Spelling checker means when you type some text it will automatically reduce our spelling mistakes. It Gives you 1000 + Emoji art and stickers with 100+ keyboard themes and 50 languages support. This app also gives you Better writing text, less embarrassing text, and higher quality writing.

MultiLing Keyboard

MultiLing Keyboard is also awesome keyboard app for an android device which is free for everyone in Google Play Store. This App has a lot of features like Voice input you just Speak what you want to write and it will automatically write on your text box area, Short Hand means if you type ttyl it automatically converted in talk to you later, Multi-touch and so more. 10 million plus users used this app.

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ShiftKey Keyboard

ShiftKey Keyboard is very popular Keyboard app for all android phones it is also available in Google Play Store for free of cost more than 250 million people use this ShiftKey Keyboard Application. It can support 100 plus language with all Best colors, designs, and themes. It Helps you to correct word automatically. Lots of emoji inbuilt on it and fast typing feature is saving your time.

My Photo Keyboard

My Photo Keyword is awesome Keyboard app with great features and looks. it has also one of best feature that is set your picture on the background which means you can set your image as a Keyboard Background. This Feature runs in your all apps. This keyboard app supports more than 50 languages with so many colorful themes. It has the lot of themes, 500 plus emoji, auto spelling checks feature, 59 plus font styles, Speak to type.

Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard is very popular and fast keyboard for an android device with multi-support. It gives you 400 plus Emoji and smileys which make your text good. This app gives to amazing feature that is creating own photos into stickers it provides you free templates to enjoy and having fun to making stickers by yourself. it automatically checks your spelling with auto corrections features means you never worries about spelling mistakes. we also change the setting like vibration it will vibrate when you typing.

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro is also best keyboard application for android which is available in Google Play Store with the cost of 2.29 USD dollars. This application provides you feature like multi-language support, Voice input, Smart Dictionary and so more. It is not bad if you need the simple keyboard with few extra feature then use it. you can try a demo first before purchasing this application.

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Chroome Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is good best android keyboard apps . In Chrooma Keyboard you can write multiple languages without switching keyboard every time. You also activate one hand mode that means you typing text with one thumb. Chrooma Keyboard has lots of color style with some themes and 50 + Font styles. Its best feature is night mode setting that means when your battery low it will change automatically the color tone you also the time when you want to use this night mode feature.